Director: Hasko Baumann
Production: Edda Baumann-Von Broen
Year: 2018
Duration 52/74/90 Min.
World Sales: Rise And Shine Cinema

Real Men

“Real Men” investigates the myth screen hero and its importance for men in the Western world. The movie deals with professional image building in Hollywood as well as with the search by men for their own identity and the comparison of the self with screen role models.

Cinema has guided many boys’ transition into manhood – or at least influenced their self-discovery. “Film images have an enormous influence on real life,” says actor Robert Forster. His colleague Thomas Jane looks back on his school days when Clint Eastwood was the greatest. Dale Dye, now military adviser for Hollywood movies, wanted to join the Marines after seeing Sands of Iwo Jima with John Wayne. Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis – there have always been men who were more than just actors.

REAL MEN investigates the myth of the screen hero made in Hollywood and its importance for men all over the world.  The documentary is a visually stunning declaration of love for the tough men, yet  a critical look behind the scenes of image building in cinema in general. It traces the development of the Tough Guy from the beginnings of Bogart to the ultimate machos like Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme to a look into the future.

True role models of classic male icons such as cowboys and policemen have their say, as do Hollywood producers, celebrity personal trainers and former action stars such as Michael Dudikoff and Fred Williamson or the legendary one-time 007 George Lazenby. They discuss their image and a man’s search for his own identity.

Strength, assertiveness, self-confidence – many of the attributes of what is defined as manly traces back to cinema. However, in times of #metoo this machismo made in Hollywood seems outdated and nor even mainstream anymore.

The film looks into the future of cinema: big box office hits like Wonder Women and Black Panther just recently opened the door for more diversity. Female Kung Fu star Zara Phythian and Asian action hero Jean-Paul Ly discuss how tough the action film world used to be if you were not white and male while action star Scott Adkins insists: the old-school macho still is an intriguing role.